Common Tripod Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make

tripod mistakesCheap tripod

Wedding photographers who are new to the business usually make the mistake of cheapening out on the tripod and opting for something that is substandard and oftentimes flimsy. This is a mistake that you should not make. Although you may initially think that you are technically striking a bargain, you will overall end up doing far more harm than good. As a professional, you have already sacrificed a lot and you have already spend so much on your photography gear. You might as well take it all the way and make sure that you get a high quality tripod to support it for all of those times wherein you need added stability during low light photo shoots. A cheap and flimsy tripod runs a risk of toppling the entire thing over, tripod, camera and all, to the ground after a soft gust of wind or something fairly commonplace goes by it. That is not a risk worth taking.

Pool up enough funds to make one big buy and you are guaranteed to be able to use it for probably the entire span of your career. If you cannot afford one just yet, then borrow or rent one from your friends who might be fellow wedding photographers themselves.

Lazy to bring

Another common mistake that wedding photographers make when it comes to the use of their tripods is that they get lazy and opt out of bringing it with them at all during their wedding event shoots. They will sometimes argue with themselves saying that they can more or less take the photos just find without the added support and that the tripod will just be extra weight that they will have to lug around with them when they are moving from one area to another. The truth of the matter is that a tripod will exponentially increase the overall quality of the photos that you take, period. This is not a point of discussion or argument but it has been tested and proven several times over.

Low light shoot

Plus, you never really know when you come across some low light areas and a tripod can really help in providing added stability and in minimizing any camera shakes due to the camera shifting to a slower shutter speed setting. If you find this to be a bit of a hassle to have to carry around with you, then opt to buy a tripod that will allow you the luxury of easy transport. It can cost a little bit more than the regular tripod but it is money worth spending.

Wedding photographers also make the all too common mistake of extending the center column of the tripod first when they need a little bit of elevation for their camera angles. This should not be the case. The first thing that you should extend would have to be the legs of the tripod. If after you have fully extended the legs and you find that you still need additional elevation, then that should be the time for you to extend the center column. Proceed with caution because the center column tends to be a weak spot for tripods.