Business Essences Photographers Should Know: The Online World

seo for photographersIt is not surprising for photographers to have little knowledge about setting up websites, marketing it and understanding the world of SEO. There’s so much coding and IT terms to understand, and so little time left to really devote to what you do; taking pictures.

That is why these 5-minute guide aims help you photographers understand and get started with raking the rank of your site and driving traffic to you!

Why I Should Even Build a Site

Every business today virtually exists on the internet, whether they provide complete or part of their service on any platforms. The internet is no more a luxury; it’s a staple for the urban residents and necessity to search for information.

How important is it for photographers these days? It might as well be the reason that half the clients you have today actually called you and came to consult with you.

Time saving

The site is a time-saving method for them to find you and your portfolios. You can upload as many pictures as you want for your customers’ references. They don’t have to spend the extra hour and effort to come and visit you personally to see your portfolios.

Contact information

E-mail is another great information you can always put up. By letting your customers to immediately fill in a request there, you can arrange a date to chat promptly.

About the site

Building a site

There’s a lot of methods to build your own site. That’s the first thing you should know. But the most used way is through WordPress, a platform that allows its users to customize, add features and create their own site at ease.

Next step is to have a host. If you don’t know where and who to look for, WordPress has featured several great hosts that you should try. These hosts are experts in what they do. They ensure safety, security and updated themes, plugins as well as design to make your site remain functional and appealing.

And the most important part is content! Please do check out PhotoProSEO as this website is constantly updated and provides feedbacks to teach SEO for photographers. The company understands the peril that so many photographers have zero ideas that there are tons of ways to improve their sites ranking!

Regarding SEO

Pareto was a famous engineer who created a philosophy (which was backed by evidence) that 80% of the results comes from 20% of your effort. This means that there’s so much more than simply taking a bunch of pictures and uploading them!

Words – this is your marketing

If word-of-mouth is one of the strongest marketing strategies in the real world, then typed words are in the virtual world. You start your search with a few words. Those few words are the biggest determinants of ranking your site.


These are small apps that help add value and give you various tools and features to optimize your site. YoastSEO, for example, is a plugin that helps decide the best keyword you should use to boost your rank among many other features.

Get someone Pro!

It takes time to fully operate your site with perfect SEO. Getting experts to help you will save those time for you to focus on what you do! On the other hand, you’ll have people who are dedicated to taking care of your site. Again, check out the mentioned site as they provide the necessary service to handle this part of your business professionally.