Main Reasons Why Wedding Photographers Should Shoot In RAW

RAW provides wedding photographers wedding photographywith the highest picture quality available.

If there is one thing that wedding photographers out there value and prioritize above all things, it would have to be the quality of the images that they take. RAW is technically a file format that captures all of the information that is recorded directly from the sensor of the camera. This means that you get to have all of the information intact. This is extremely powerful stuff and something that a lot of wedding photographers out there simply cannot disregard.

The main difference that sets RAW files apart from JPEG or TIFF or any other files out there is that it is not automatically compressed which means that no amount of information is lost. JPEG tends to compress everything upon filming which results to a tremendous amount of image details getting lost. RAW is technically considered as the purest file format out there. It is the closest thing to directly projecting what you actually see during the event to the photos.

RAW gets better levels of brightness.

Let us just rephrase it to portray the message more accurately one way or the other.  RAW file formats offer you the highest levels of brightness. What levels of brightness basically refer to is the number of steps that it will take to bring a picture from black to white. The highest levels of brightness that JPEG files can bring you is only up to 256. The reason why RAW file formats are extremely powerful is because of the fact that RAW files can reach up to over 16,000 levels of brightness. You get smoother transition with levels of brightness with this kind of range. Smoother is always better. You also get far more options in terms of fill light, exposure, white balance, and so on and so forth.

Wedding photographers will be able to correct pictures that have exposure issues.

During weddings, things and people tend to move fast. The wedding photographers do not usually get to control those particular kinds of elements at some point. The thing is, all wedding photographers always aim for the best exposure for their photos but this is something that can be extremely hard to achieve especially when there is action or movement involved. If you are not careful, you will end up with either over exposed or under exposed photos and they do not make for really great looking photos. If you do get exposure problems on your pictures though, you can be rest assured of the fact that you will be able to easily fix these issues. Blown highlights, clipped shadows, and so on and so forth will be easily fixed without ever having to jeopardize the quality of your pictures.

You will be able to adjust the white balance easier when you shoot in RAW.

The thing with JPEG images is that they automatically apply the white balance on the photos and you will have no way of going back to change it if you want any editing options. RAW has all of the information recorded though so that means that you will be able to go back and adjust the white balance itself.