How to Get Your First Wedding Photography Offer

Perth wedding photographyGetting the first customer can be hard. How do you make anybody trust that you can do the job if you don’t have the experience to prove it?

1.    Find something to show before your customers

All clients will always scroll through your site and gallery to find out more about your works. It’s almost a given that you need to have the necessary experience, but what if you’re just a beginner?

Co-shoot with others. Helping others to shoot for their wedding will give you a chance to work, although you might not be paid at all! However, you are also entitled to the experience of having worked and learned from other experts on Perth wedding photography.

Attend classes. Taking classes or enrolling in the university will give you a qualification that at least you are knowledgeable in the field.

Help shooting a relative’s or best friend’s wedding party. This is another chance to still the spotlight and take great pictures. You don’t have to get close and spend time with the guests as they are all comfortable with you anyway. Mingle with them to steal some great shots become easier these may even serve as great portfolios!

2.    Honest, but enthusiastic

State honestly and clearly that this is your first job. You should add relevant education or experience of working with others while saying this.

“I may be a beginner, but I’ve gone through weeks of training with a professional photographer.”

“I studied and graduated from xxx university/class and I am equipped with knowledge of how to…”

“Although I have no official experience, I am frequently trusted by close acquaintances and relatives to capture their beautiful moments and have the pictures included in their bespoke wedding album.”

These are just a few things you can say to your potential clients. Be sure that you look enthusiastic by having a personal interest in your client and general interest in the wedding.

3.    Ask questions whenever you are unsure

Your clients will most probably won’t assume that you know everything and be an expert immediately on your first job. So, whenever you are in doubt, ask.

It can be about the venue, the taste they want (discuss with the style you execute your pictures in) and how they want their album to look like. Designing a bespoke album for your clients will help you in deciding the preferences couples want for their album.

Don’t forget about the number of days and events they are hiring you for. Make sure that you know what kind of event it is to prepare beforehand.

It is also important to know the number of group pictures you are supposed to take. Discuss how to make this part efficient as it is often the most time-consuming one. Ask if it is possible to cut down the number so you can go on and take pictures of the party rather than wasting too many time trying to get everyone in order.

4.    Don’t be satisfied

Never consider the pose and techniques that you used on your first customer is going to work forever. Keep creating and brainstorm creative ways to serve your clients. This is the only way to keep your Perth wedding photography be considered as a creative and quality studio.