4 Photoshop Actions for a Kent Wedding Photographer

Kent wedding photographerWhen it comes to the editing job, wedding photographers have got it tough because of the sheer number of pictures they need to work on. And that’s why every Kent wedding photographer will at least a set or two of Photoshop actions to ease their work. It really saves your time when you don’t have to repeat the same process on every 200 pictures.

  1. Matte & sunshine actions

Matte and sunshine actions help with making your pictures look solid gorgeous or shiny and dazzling. Wedday Matte action is the pack that helps with giving your pictures the perfect white balance that you need and softens the lighting on the pictures to give it a pastel look. While soft sun action gives your clients’ portraits the pink or golden hue that your client will love to bath in.

  1. Black & White actions

The best part about wedding pictures is that despite the availability of modern DSLR camera and sharp lenses that capture so much color, people still love that monochrome look in their album. And because of this, you will end up editing hundreds of them in this mode. Black & White Wedding actions is an example of an action pack dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality black and white effect.

Or you can go with the Wedding Theme actions that come in 9 different options and one of them is a black & white filter.

  1. Vintage & Retro actions

You’d be lying if you are a Kent wedding photographer who has never edited pictures in a vintage or retro mood. No matter how elegant or luxurious the party is, your clients will always love one or two of their pictures that have this vintage, old and aesthetic feel to it. Other times, you find yourself working in a venue that has this 80s and 90s vibe to it. You know what actions you will need at that moment.

Photoshop Vintage Actions is free to download on DeviantArt and each layer can be removed to customize the filter on your pictures. Retro Photoshop Action gives that yellow crisp to your pictures and is also free to download.

  1. Overlays

Overlays are not actions per se, but they are great additions to any pictures because they give an additional typically surreal feel to the pictures. From butterflies to natural light, overlays can add things to your pictures that weren’t there, or you failed to find when taking your shots. In wedding photography, however, it’s important to not overuse overlays.

When choosing overlays, you will find sky overlays to be very useful. This helps you change the look of the pictures that you took under gloomy weather into one that is shiny. Or you can use the overlay to darken the clouds even further for that serious, romantic and mysterious feels.

There are many kinds of actions and overlays that are available out there, but these are 4 kinds of actions that you definitely want to have when editing your pictures. If you want to learn from a fellow Kent wedding photographer, we urge you to go give www.davidburkephotography.co.uk a visit!

Wedding Photography Gear You Will Need

wedding photography tipsPrimary camera and backup camera

If photography has become such a passion of yours to the point wherein you have decided to more or less make a career out of it, then there is a pretty good chance that you may already have everything that you could possibly need for as far as the camera needs are concerned. You will need a second camera for backup though and that is something that might cost some amount of money. If this is something that you may actually end up struggling with, there is no need for you to buy one out just yet. Save your money up until you will be able to do so. In the meantime, a borrowed camera or a rented one will work just fine for you. The point is that this is something that you cannot skip out on. It is absolutely crucial that you have a backup camera one way or the other.

Wedding photography basic lenses

You will need two basic lenses for your wedding photography career. You will need a telephoto lens for all of those times wherein you will need to take big close up photos but you are not allowed to be right next to the people you are supposed to take photos of. The second lens that you will need is a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens will let you take those group photos without having to worry if all of the people will get to fit in the view angle of the lens at some point or so. Again, all photography accessories cost money and lenses in particular can be quite expensive and if money is an issue and you cannot afford them just yet, the perfect meantime solution would be a medium zoom lens. It does a little bit of both what the telephoto lens and what the wide angle lens can do.

Memory cards and batteries

Make sure that you are able to pack more than enough memory cards and batteries for the wedding photography event. Ideally, you need about 60 GB worth of memory cards and about two extra batteries per camera. Make sure that the memory cards are wiped clean before and after every single use. Like kent wedding photographer, make sure that all of your camera batteries are fully charged as well so that you can guarantee that you will never run out of juice while you are covering the wedding event. These are pretty basic stuff and you do not really have any excuse if you bail out on any of these things.

Tripod and light stands. A tripod is something that can give your camera the kind of stability and support that it basically needs. It is perfect to bring around with you during wedding events especially for those times wherein you will have to shoot in low light settings. The camera tends to have some vibrations when it shoots in night mode so having a tripod handy will really get to help you out  a lot for as far as keeping things grounded is concerned.