Professional Event Photographer: Here’s How to find One

event photographyUndoubtedly, having the right event photographer is crucial if you want to hold the event for consecutive years. If there are effective ways to attract people, that would be through showing media to them. Why is it fun? How is the event going to be? Things like these are best shown, not through words, but through actual pictures and videos.

Hiring a professional event photography service is then important. But how do you know if that photographer is professional and up to the task? How do you make sure of that?


An event photographer has to be experienced to be called a professional. We are not just talking about photography experience. He has to have worked on an event as a photographer before to understand the job and knows what he’s doing. You don’t want to hire someone who has just started on his career as an event photographer.

Be sure to know what he is most experienced in. For example, he might be best at working on a charity-related event or high-class, elite event. Depending on your needs, finding the right photographer is crucial.

It would be a good choice to hire the same photographer who has worked on your event before. If you feel satisfied with his work, maintaining the same person can help maintain the image of your event or company. But don’t feel like you and that photographer are bound forever. Whenever you feel the need to change, consider it as more important than the long-time relationship.

Let us help!

We also know that you might encounter problems while looking for an event photographer. That is why we want to recommend you to visit This is an event photography service site and you will find a team of photographers who are dedicated to capturing the moments of an event like how you want people to see.

Getting a recommendation is important while searching. The best photographers will always have people recommending and complementing them. If you have some, do check them out first, like the ones we’ve just mentioned. You have a higher chance to find someone you will like.

Check their portfolios

You want to know the style and skill of the photographer? Portfolios are the obvious thing to check. Have the photographer bring you their best works, but also an overall work. Most of the time, you will only use the best pictures for your slideshow and marketing as well. However, you also want to see that the best pictures aren’t based on luck and are consistent throughout different projects.

This concludes our quick tips for those searching for a professional event photographer. It’s important that you find the right person to do event photography because whether people will like the show may depend on the pictures that you show.

It’s important to also set enough time to look for one. You need time to interview and also look through their portfolios to consider their skills and professionalism. You also need to let them prepare and provide information on the event.

How To Book Your Professional Event Photographers

professional event photographerWhen looking for professional event photographers that you can go ahead and book, it is very important for you to know how to identify which ones will turn out to be the perfect fit for you and for the event that you are planning out in the first place. Knowing what your requirements are as a client is the first step in making sure that you will always end up getting everything that you are looking for as well as everything that you are paying for all throughout the photo shoot. Make sure that you prioritize this first and foremost before you start head first with the search process for event photographers that you can possibly book for the event when you really think about it. Don’t just opt for the first event photographer that you can find. Maintain that standard and filtering process for what you are trying to pull off at the end of the day and stick to it as much as possible. It is the only way for you to make sure that you will always come off with the best deals that you could get your hands on after all has been said and done.

Ask the event photographer how many events he has managed to book in the past.

This is something that you will be able to get when you actually take the time to really talk to him and to really listen to what he has to say. When you are talking to someone, it gives you the opportunity to go through with followup questions that you can base off of what he tells you or how he answers the initial questions that you are giving out. This is not the something that you will be able to get if you are only conversing with someone via email or if you are just looking at his profile online. Most of these professional event photographers are more than happy to have a sit down meeting with their potential clients so that they have a chance to set out their proposals and make their pitch so get this taken into account before you book anyone for that matter.

Review online portfolios.

Most of the professional event photographers out there also have portfolios posted online and you need to take it upon yourself as a potential client to really review these works. Take a look at the composition and at the attention that they are giving to details. Photography is a detail oriented kind of industry and this is the type of thing that you need to require from the professional event photographers that you end up hiring for the event that you are planning out. The more time that you spend looking at portfolios, the more adept you will be in identifying what their approaches are, what their photography styles are, what their possible post processing effects and editing skills are, and so on and so forth. You will also get to see how they lay out their images and how they string the theme together in case you come up with a themed event.

Event Photography Tips for The Newbie

event photography tips

Event photography can be really exciting and can also be quite a bit of a challenge at the same time. This is something that can really get you on the edge of your seats because when it all comes down to it, at the end of the day, it is something that can put you in interesting areas or places. You can either end up somewhere really exciting and glamorous like a black tie party good for well over a hundred people or more or be completely stuck with a surprise birthday party with a guest list of about twenty people or so at some point.

Dress well

First order of business for event photography would have to be the fact that you will need to dress well. You do not necessarily need to dress to impress at some point or so but you should at least go through the motions of making sure that you blend well in the event that you are covering. If you completely have no clue with regards to the kind of dress code that the event requires at some point, then the kind of dress code staple that you should go with would have to be business casual. Go for classy slacks, a nice polo shirt, brogues, a tie, and maybe nice blazers to boot.

For ladies, a shirt blouse, a nice skirt or slacks, and maybe kitten heels or flats should get the job done for you. Keep in mind of the fact that there is no such thing as being over dressed. You can always tone it down as you see fit by getting rid of the blazer or of all of the other elements to make you fit in better. Being under dressed puts you at a disadvantage in such a way wherein you do not have any way whatsoever in fixing the situation once you are actually there.

Another thing for you to keep in mind as an event photographer is the fact that the people attending are not there to get their photos taken by you. They are there to actually attend the event. What that technically means is that at some point, they really will not appreciate the fact that you are holding up too much of their time. Be quick with the shots that you take and do not dilly dally all too much. Instead, you should seriously work on being able to take all of the shots that you possibly can with a good general rule of thumb to follow and that would have to be a maximum of three clicks per scene or per person. Any more than that and you are already taking up too much of their time.

Be on the move

Do not stay in one place all the time. Move around and be on your feet. Anticipate interactions between guests. Most experts in event photography usually divide their time and efforts between shooting against a backdrop and filming with the event in full swing. It may require more effort and time than usual but this is something that can really guarantee satisfaction for your clients at the end of the day.