Wedding Photographer Challenges

documentary wedding photographerIf you are a new wedding photographer who would like to start making his mark in the industry, you should know that a photographer will most likely come across a lot of challenges at some point or so. These challenges will not be easy to overcome but you will be able to move forward and overcome them nonetheless. What’s important is that you get to put your mind and soul into what you ought to do by and large. The more you know about the tentative and possible challenges you will end up facing as a new wedding photographer, the better things will turn out for you and for what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the day.

No bookings.

Yes, you heard that right. You will most likely not have a lot of bookings during your first few years as a wedding photographer. People will be picky with the aspect of hiring you as their wedding photographer especially when you haven’t really proven yourself and what you can do just yet. This will be hard. As a matter of fact, it can be right out stated that this will be the hardest thing a starting photographer will ever have to face as a newbie in the game. Make sure that you get to pan out a little nest egg for you in order for a photographer to still be able to keep things sustainable while you are still trying to keep yourself afloat. Waiting things out for your first big booking as a wedding photographer can be tough. It might really take you a while and it might have you end up hanging by a thread for a little bit of time but if you make it through, you will really be able to reap in the rewards.

The experience will be an issue as well.

People will always be asking for the possibility of getting a more experienced documentary wedding photographer at some point or so. They will be willing to throw a little bit of money out by and large but they will want to get the most out of it. You will not be considered as a great option if you don’t have experience to boot. A wedding photographer should always have all of the right things to back him and his claims up all of the time. Develop your portfolio in the best way. Handpick your portfolio items all of the time. You don’t have to put up everything that you have done in the past. Try to spread out your photography style so that people will get the notion that you are quite versatile in what you do as a photographer. Gain experience as much as you can. If you have to apprentice with a more experienced wedding photographer out there, then push onwards and aim for it. The more work you do as a photographer, the better you will be in what you do in the long run.

Your gear will also turn out to be a challenge if you don’t do anything about it.

Photography gear is expensive and it is something that you might need to be resourceful with in the end of it all.

Great Wedding Photographer Lessons

wedding photographySecond camera and shooter

No matter what anyone says or feels about it, as a new wedding photographer in the industry, you will need a second camera and a second shooter, period. This has always been an issue for people who are just starting out because of the fact that both a second camera and a second shooter cost money. And when it all comes down to it, money is not something that a lot of starting out businesses have. Regardless of how difficult this may be for you as a wedding photographer, you just cannot do without it. A second camera is crucial to the wedding events that you book because you need some kind of insurance or some kind of backup for all those times when your primary or main camera bails out on you.

A broken camera with no backup is not an excuse the bride and groom will take lightly. If money is an issue (as it usually is) and you cannot afford to buy a second camera just yet, reach out to your fellow friends in the photography community and ask around if it would be possible for them to let you borrow a camera. If that is not one of your options, there are still a lot of places out there that will let you rent out a camera for a fairly reasonable price. These are just temporary solutions though so as much as possible, save up your money until you are able to buy one. A second shooter also costs money but if you are lucky, you can get one for no added cost. Again, you will have to reach out to fellow wedding photographer friends for this. Ask around who has a need for a second shooter and offer to exchange services.


You need to be careful about the things that you commit or promise out to the bride and groom as a wedding photographer. One smart rule that you will need to make sure that you are always able to follow and stick to as a wedding photographer would have to be the aspect of always under promising but always over delivering. Always go well and above your duty when it comes to the products and quality that you deliver. If you promised a certain timeline for your clients to get the final products, do your best to deliver then well in advance. These are little things when you think of it but they definitely count for as far as building up your brand and your reputation as a Seattle wedding photographer goes.


Always shoot in RAW. RAW is the highest possible quality of file format available out there. It is the professional choice for wedding photographers everywhere. This file format saves the information recorded by the sensor of the camera and does not compress or automatically edit anything out. It is something that eats up way more memory space than usual but that’s a really small price to pay compared to the amount of quality that it promises to bring for your photos.

How To Plan Out Your Documentary Wedding Photography Poses

wedding photography tipsDo the walking routine

One of the most basic and common staples when it comes to the poses that you will need to come up with when you are doing a documentary wedding photography gig is to have the people that you are taking photos of to walk away from you and then to walk towards you.

Make sure that you are able to take a lot of photos in the process. Walking is one of the most natural activities that people are actually able to do on a daily basis and should be something that you should really use as a trick when it comes to pulling up some really great and natural looking photos when it comes to your documentary wedding photography coverage. One of the best ways for people to get to pull the walking routine off would be for the people you are photographing to talk to each other, preferably about plans that they might be having for the next few days. Make sure that they get to stick to something that is light and friendly and something that can really bring in genuine smiles and expressions in their faces one way or the other. This is something that usually works well for the bride and the groom.

Go through the motions of really knowing the bride and the groom

One of the most important steps that you will need to take before you agree to any kind of service agreement for as far as documentary wedding photography is concerned is the concept of really getting to know your clients. Sit down and really spend time trying to get to know them. Just like wedding photographer Peterborough, try to ask around what they want to happen for your documentary wedding photography. You will need to manage their expectations and make sure that you are able to lay things out as they are. Be as clear and as concise as possible when it comes to the entire setting of the agreement. Try to veer away from any flowery words that might end up confusing the clients at the some point. The last thing that you basically want to do is to end up having your clients expect something that they are never going to get just because of the fact that things were not cleared out for them from the very beginning.

Move around a lot

Wear comfortable shoes. Whether you like it or not, you will be walking around so much more than you will ever get to believe during the wedding day event. If you want the best possible angles and perspectives for your photos; then moving around a lot and running to and fro is the best possible way for you to get said photos. Make sure that you wear great shoes because the last thing you want to have at the end of the day is blisters on your feet. Luckily enough for you, you can go for both style and comfort all at the same time for as far as your shoes are concerned.