The Art of Editing Baby Photos

baby photosI know a lot of people would want to know if it’s really important or necessary to edit baby photos. Well in my opinion I think it is quite important. If you want to get a flawless look and feel of a baby photo, some editing might just be right. Some babies may have some tiny skin conditions like rashes, tiny scratches red spots on baby’s skin, birth marks.

Sometimes, you may want to make the baby’s photos as natural as ever but on the other hand, to get a really flawless look, doing one or two touches on the baby’s photo isn’t a bad idea. However you should have some natural baby photos that would show some of the unique characteristics of the baby

In summary the reasons for considering editing baby photos

  • To give a clear baby photo
  • To showcase the art of baby photography
  • To remove some baby skin blemishes and skin conditions that may not look nice in photos
  • To give the baby photo a unique quality
  • To style the photos in ways that may be beautiful and not common
  • To achieve a flawless baby photo portrait

The Art of Baby Photo Editing

Playing with Colours

The art of playing with colours can actually be used in getting the perfect edited baby photos of the baby as you may avoid using the usual black and white colour background. Using colours, makes the appearance of the baby’s stretch marks or other scratches less visible. But note that even when you play with these colours the end result should be producing flawless photos with a subtle and natural look. Its fun to play with colours but at the same time remember not to get overboard with it.

Using Macro Mode Camera Lens

If you don’t have a camera that uses macro lens, then maybe you should consider getting one. Using a camera with macro lens, you can take pictures of the different body parts of a baby like the legs, eyes, hair or the baby’s head. Separating these body parts and with the use of your special macro lens camera you can create unique photos of the baby that would leave fantastic memories.

The Use of Light room Sliders

Generally, light room sliders are used to either increase or decrease picture contrasts. To get good edited yet natural feel photos, its best you reduce the contrast of the photo to give a more natural and soft look. Reducing the contrast would help reduce dark spots on the baby’s body and also help reduce shadows. Do not also forget that reducing the clarity to a range between -10 to -20 would help creating that soft creamy look on a baby photo.

With the recommendations about editing baby photos, the aim is to produce a perfect photo. Most parents would want to think their babies are perfect in every way so one or two touches on these photos wouldn’t be bad at all.

However, as a baby photographer, you may find something difficult and may need some tips on the right techniques on editing baby photos, check out Kingshill Studios for more tips and guides.

How To Care For Your Baby During A Shoot

Set the ambiance.

baby photoshootThe ambiance that you have during the baby photoshoot will be one of the most important things that you could ever contribute to it in order for you to make sure that the baby will be comfortable and will be in his best behaviour all throughout the time that he is there or all throughout the time that the session is in place. If you are holding the photo shoot at home, then do a general clean-up of the place and add in a few nice touches. Make sure that the baby photographer will have more than enough space to set up his equipment and that he has enough space to move around in. a cramped location can affect the way that your photos turn out so far so try to see what you can do about it at the end of the day. Have some music in the background. Make the place really cosy and nice smelling. Make it pleasant all throughout. Every little bit of detail helps and all of the elements included are bound to have some sort of impact to the way that the baby photos are shot and produced so pay attention as much as possible because it is bound to pay off for you in the end.

Get the supplies ready.

Make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need or even more, if you can help it. Have a nice stack of wet wipes or even dry tissues. Set out extra clothes, blankets, milk, and even snacks for you and the baby photographer. There is no such thing as being over prepared for a baby photoshoot because everything that you pack in could come in handy and could save you a lot of time for when the baby is hungry, makes a mess, or just needs anything during the said photo session. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a well prepared setup because it will make your photo session go over a little more smoothly and a little more easily when it all comes down to it.

Make sure that you have toys, too.

Babies need something that will help capture their attention. You can bring along bright colored toys for them to play with or to take a look at. This can help them focus during those instances wherein you and the baby photographer are keen on getting the baby some eye to eye contact with the camera lens. Your photographer might have a few toys in tow during the baby photoshoot but it is always better if you have your own stash. Pick out your baby’s favorites in particular.

Extra cuddles and body rubs, please.

This will not only help make your baby feel secure, this will also ensure that you get to level his body temperature during the baby photoshoot. Check out Stephen Bruce Photography for more useful tips for parents out there. Every little bit of wisdom and hack can really help make things pan out for you smoothly.

Basic Things to Know about Baby Photography

Use props

baby photographyIf you would like to go ahead and try your hand at baby photography somewhere somehow, you should keep in mind that one cool way to spice up the baby photography shoot is through the use of props. Props can really bring out the most interesting elements and aspects out of the baby shoot and it is something that the parents will really be able to go ahead and appreciate when it all comes down to it. Props can make or break a baby photography shoot and it is something that you should be able to go ahead and use up to its full advantage at the end of the day. There are so many different possibilities and opportunities that you can use to play around with props in your stint with baby photography but one common rule to keep in mind is the fact that the props should accessorize the baby photography shoot. At the end of the day, it should not take the focus and the attention away from the main start of the show which is the baby. The baby should always come in front and center in everything related to baby photography. Always keep that in mind and you should be right on track on your use of props in baby photography.

Be well aware of perspectives.

Babies can be tremendously small and fragile looking. When you shoot from an angle that is way off from the top, you magnify the fact that the baby is small and looks somewhat helpless. It can turn out to be a little too much in the photos that you are able to produce. That is the main reason why you should always shoot from the baby’s perspective and not from your own perspective when it all comes down to it. Don’t hesitate to aim for a fairly low angle. There will be a lot of instances in baby photography wherein you might even end up having to go down low on the ground just so that you can take things from the baby’s perspective. When you are shooting up, you are lending the aura of power and authority and that is something that you can really use when you are playing around with the concept of baby photography. When you are aiming down, you are taking power away and you are making things appear somewhat smaller and that is why you should try to go ahead and avoid it in the best of your capacity.

Time the baby photography shoot in the best way that you can.

Ideally, it should be at around 9 or so in the morning. The baby is usually at his best state in the mornings because of the fact that he just woke up from a good night’s sleep. He has just recently been bathed and fed and he is in the best possible disposition all throughout the time that the photo shoot is in full swing. Your baby photography shoot will never be easier and more free flowing if you time it well and work through it well enough.