How Wedding Photographers Can Show Love to Vendors

Show them some love.

wedding photographerThe best way for wedding photographers to start networking with the vendors in the wedding industry would be to show them some love every now and then. This may seem like a fairly counterproductive endeavor but this has worked for so many other wedding photographers before and it surely will work for you as well, if you get to go ahead and play your cards just right. More often than not, there is that certain time of the year wherein wedding photographers just don’t get that much action in the wedding photography scene. Instead of moping around and trying to figure out ways in order for you to fill in the void at some point or so, why not reach out to most of the wedding vendors in your area?

Technically speaking, you will end up giving out your services for free because you will be putting some professional photography work at some point or so. The best vendors to start with are usually with the venue owners. The venues are almost always the first ones that are being booked by potential brides and grooms and what this means for you is that they always get first dibs about the people who will soon be getting married. Most of these venues might already have a collection of photos of the place from their own hired professional photographers but then again, no one really turns down a free offer so it should be all green lights for you from here on out.

Email a short photo shoot

Email them about a short photo shoot that you would like to offer out to the business or to the establishment. Indicate and be particular or specific about the fact that you are doing this for free. This is technically the catchword here. You need to instantly introduce yourself as someone who is not trying to sell them anything but you is instead interested in showcasing their business in a professional light, photography wise. Send them the pictures that you took of the place. Make sure that you have touched up the pictures so that they come out looking professional and smooth as ever. Make it a point to really watermark your images as well. If the vendor is fairly active, you will see your photos posted up in their website in no time. The watermark on the photos will let people know that you are the wedding photographer responsible for the pictures. That’s stealthy but relatively free advertisement right there.

Share photo on your social media profiles

Aside from that, make sure that you are able to share the photos on your social media profiles as well as blog about them as well. Make sure that you are able to tag the vendors that you covered for. This will make people see a very public association between you and the vendor. Without the vendors really saying or endorsing anything, it will give people the notion that you are the edinburgh wedding photographer that they trust and that will put you up as one of their options when they are out looking for wedding photographers to book in somewhere down the road. This might take up a little but of work but it’s a great marketing direction that you can take and it won’t cost you any money as well.