How to Rock Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

gay wedding photographerMany years ago, couples didn’t really care about pre-wedding photo shoots. The focus was always on the wedding day itself.

But we have come a long way since then. And having a pre-wedding photoshoot is a good way to include pictures of both of you on your invitation letters, souvenirs, gifts and albums.

If you have not considered having a pre-wedding photoshoot, then I will advise that you do. For one, it helps boost your confidence in front of the camera. It is rather surprising how people can be comfortable in front of a phone camera but shiver when they see a DSLR.

Being a gay wedding photographer, I have observed that having pre-wedding photo shoots helps to boost confidence before the wedding day. You get to have some “couple-time” in front of the camera in the absence of so many “eyes”.

You also get to know your wedding photographer and the manner in which he or she works. And if you don’t feel alright with the way they work, you can do something about it before the wedding day.

But on your shoulders, as the couple, lie a lot of responsibilities. And you make your pre-wedding shoot memorable and worthwhile, focus on these things:

  • Concept
  • Location
  • Clothes


This is the exact moment to bring that idea you have to life. Ever thought of a goofy concept? or a super-hero/comic character theme where he is the Joker and you play Harley Quinn?

Having a concept is a good way to make your pre-wedding photo shoot rock and not bland or dry. You should know that your theme is what will convey the essence of your relationship.

Using themes, you can showcase what brings both of you together, and a few of the things you both like and are highly interested in. It could be cars: with a 1949 Cadillac series 62 as your central theme for instance. Or dogs. I love dogs.

Concepts are ever-evolving and you should not be hesitant to explore your creative side. Listen to inputs from your photographer too. It is a good way to assess his or her creativity.

Being a modern creative wedding photographer and a gay wedding photographer, at, concepts and creativity are tools I always utilize.


There are tons of places you can go to for your pre-wedding photo shoot. But honestly, why travel out of the country to a new destination entirely for a pre-wedding shoot? Location matters, but don’t look so far outside. Look around you.

Point is, your location does not have to be in front of the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower. It could be. But other places can hold much more powerful memories for both of you.

Look for places that hold the greatest memories for you. Did you first meet at the beach? Places like the diner where you first laid eyes on her, or that mechanic workshop where you first met him to fix your car.


You don’t need to get new clothes from the store for this. You can put on your favourite clothes and pack a few in the bag. If you still have the clothes you wore on your first casual date with her, or on the day you both fell in love, now is the time to utilize them fully.

There are really no rules for what to wear. You can even customize shirts specifically for the pre-wedding shoot and add romantic, witty sayings you once though of. The most important thing is to be comfortable for the next, important point.

Conclusion: Be Yourself

As a gay wedding photographer who understands that the best moments are captured when you are free and less aware, I advise my clients to “be yourselves”. Remember that no one is looking and you don’t need anybody’s approval. The best way to rock your pre-wedding shoot is to be as free as possible.

Jump, laugh, smile, joke and play. Become the teenagers you once were. You begin to document memories from that day, so make the most of it.

Have a wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot.