4 Photoshop Actions for a Kent Wedding Photographer

Kent wedding photographerWhen it comes to the editing job, wedding photographers have got it tough because of the sheer number of pictures they need to work on. And that’s why every Kent wedding photographer will at least a set or two of Photoshop actions to ease their work. It really saves your time when you don’t have to repeat the same process on every 200 pictures.

  1. Matte & sunshine actions

Matte and sunshine actions help with making your pictures look solid gorgeous or shiny and dazzling. Wedday Matte action is the pack that helps with giving your pictures the perfect white balance that you need and softens the lighting on the pictures to give it a pastel look. While soft sun action gives your clients’ portraits the pink or golden hue that your client will love to bath in.

  1. Black & White actions

The best part about wedding pictures is that despite the availability of modern DSLR camera and sharp lenses that capture so much color, people still love that monochrome look in their album. And because of this, you will end up editing hundreds of them in this mode. Black & White Wedding actions is an example of an action pack dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality black and white effect.

Or you can go with the Wedding Theme actions that come in 9 different options and one of them is a black & white filter.

  1. Vintage & Retro actions

You’d be lying if you are a Kent wedding photographer who has never edited pictures in a vintage or retro mood. No matter how elegant or luxurious the party is, your clients will always love one or two of their pictures that have this vintage, old and aesthetic feel to it. Other times, you find yourself working in a venue that has this 80s and 90s vibe to it. You know what actions you will need at that moment.

Photoshop Vintage Actions is free to download on DeviantArt and each layer can be removed to customize the filter on your pictures. Retro Photoshop Action gives that yellow crisp to your pictures and is also free to download.

  1. Overlays

Overlays are not actions per se, but they are great additions to any pictures because they give an additional typically surreal feel to the pictures. From butterflies to natural light, overlays can add things to your pictures that weren’t there, or you failed to find when taking your shots. In wedding photography, however, it’s important to not overuse overlays.

When choosing overlays, you will find sky overlays to be very useful. This helps you change the look of the pictures that you took under gloomy weather into one that is shiny. Or you can use the overlay to darken the clouds even further for that serious, romantic and mysterious feels.

There are many kinds of actions and overlays that are available out there, but these are 4 kinds of actions that you definitely want to have when editing your pictures. If you want to learn from a fellow Kent wedding photographer, we urge you to go give www.davidburkephotography.co.uk a visit!

3 Steps to Finding a Great Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photographer LeicesterMost couples grumble about the fact that unlike other wedding vendors such as the caterer, florists and decorator, the job of a wedding photographer Leicester is not something you can taste, smell or see before the wedding. As a matter of fact, you have to wait till after the wedding to get a proper look at the type of work they produced for you. What this therefore means for a couple is that they have to exercise blind trust and faith in the photographer when they commit the expectations, they have for their wedding images.

Seeing as you cannot get a glimpse of the images that will come out until after the event, a lot of care and due diligence has to be exercised to ensure you do not end up hiring the wrong person which is often the case for most couples. A lot of research needs to be made regarding the skills to look out for from the photographer, body language that could pinpoint certain things and what the preferred style of the photographer should tell you about them.

But before all that, take a look at the following 3 things that will help you make a decision:

  • Know your preferred style

A mistake most couples make when searching for the service of a professional wedding photographer Leicester is that they fail to have a proper understanding of what they want or what works for them. The only way you can make an assured decision to hire a particular individual to cover your wedding is if you know what your expectations are. For example, there are different styles of wedding photography. You need to do your own research about these different styles and finally settle on one that you believe would fit the theme of your wedding.

Focusing on finding a photographer first will not help you make the right decision as this photographer might not even offer a style you fancy. Also, not knowing your preferred style leaves room for you to be easily swayed by the romanticized words of the photographer if you are not careful. You will have no knowledge of the different styles available and It makes it easier for the photographer to convince you to hire them preying on your ignorance.

  • Do your research

In this case, research refers to finding out more about the photographers and the feedback or reviews given about them by previous customers. The best way to know if a photographer is more than just talk is by knowing what others are saying about them. If a majority of people are saying certain things about the photographer then it is definitely true whether good or bad so approach the hiring decision with care.

  • Set up interviews

You cannot just make a hiring decision based on the portfolio or feedback given by other clients. You need to convince yourself personally that the decision you are about to make is the right one. The only way to do that is to set up a meeting with the photographer. This gives you a better opportunity to grasp their personality and if it is something you can work with. Visit Oliver Kershaw Photography to find out more about hiring a wedding photographer Leicester.

What You Need to Know About WordPress Support for Photographers

Having a website is one goal a photographer should work towards.

Wordpress support for photographersA website provides you with the avenue of displaying your works. It also contains contact information which potential clients can reach out to you. Also, it improves the visibility of your business especially when individuals make a search for photographers within a certain region.

From the visibility gotten from search engines, potential clients are directed to your website and this improves traffic. Traffic on your website means you have sales leads which can turn to potential customers. Therefore, if you aim to make a career for yourself out of photography, one thing you should look at is owning a website.

One of the platforms which you can turn to for a website is WordPress. You can either get a domain name and host your site on WordPress or you can go with the free domain. Free domain does not actually represent professionalism so it is better to purchase one yourself.

To help you manage your WordPress site better, we have listed out some tips on WordPress support for photographers:

  • Create Backlinks

Relying on visibility on Google alone will not get you a lot of traffic. Another method you can utilize to generate traffic to your site is by creating backlinks. A backlink is generally a link from another website to your site. When it comes it building backlinks, it is not only about the quantity but the quality. Simply getting a backlink on a popular site is way better than 50 links on unaccountable sites.

  • Create Content

In marketing, one thing you have to realize is that content is very important. Content is what your sales leads will interact with before thy decide to eventually be customers. Basically, all you need to know about WordPress support for photographers heavily evolves around the content you are able to produce.

On a photography website, it is highly likely that one of the most featured contents will be image you cannot just leave guests with images to interact with. You have to think outside the box for other methods to engage the customers. The content you have on your site should not be there just to keep it active. It must have a purpose.

  • Do not duplicate your pages

If you visit some WordPress sites, you will notice that some of the content appear to be the same the only thing different are the keywords which were changed so as to improve the chances of ranking for different search queries. In the past, this was a method a lot of website owners used to improve their rankings but now, the search algorithm has changed and website owners get penalized for doing things like this.

Your content needs to be fresh and original and add a certain value to the visitor. Even if the site you own does not get penalized, visitors might leave the site with a bad impression of your business if they find out that most of the content on your page are the same.

For more on WordPress support for photographers, visit myphotocto.com.

The Art of Editing Baby Photos

baby photosI know a lot of people would want to know if it’s really important or necessary to edit baby photos. Well in my opinion I think it is quite important. If you want to get a flawless look and feel of a baby photo, some editing might just be right. Some babies may have some tiny skin conditions like rashes, tiny scratches red spots on baby’s skin, birth marks.

Sometimes, you may want to make the baby’s photos as natural as ever but on the other hand, to get a really flawless look, doing one or two touches on the baby’s photo isn’t a bad idea. However you should have some natural baby photos that would show some of the unique characteristics of the baby

In summary the reasons for considering editing baby photos

  • To give a clear baby photo
  • To showcase the art of baby photography
  • To remove some baby skin blemishes and skin conditions that may not look nice in photos
  • To give the baby photo a unique quality
  • To style the photos in ways that may be beautiful and not common
  • To achieve a flawless baby photo portrait

The Art of Baby Photo Editing

Playing with Colours

The art of playing with colours can actually be used in getting the perfect edited baby photos of the baby as you may avoid using the usual black and white colour background. Using colours, makes the appearance of the baby’s stretch marks or other scratches less visible. But note that even when you play with these colours the end result should be producing flawless photos with a subtle and natural look. Its fun to play with colours but at the same time remember not to get overboard with it.

Using Macro Mode Camera Lens

If you don’t have a camera that uses macro lens, then maybe you should consider getting one. Using a camera with macro lens, you can take pictures of the different body parts of a baby like the legs, eyes, hair or the baby’s head. Separating these body parts and with the use of your special macro lens camera you can create unique photos of the baby that would leave fantastic memories.

The Use of Light room Sliders

Generally, light room sliders are used to either increase or decrease picture contrasts. To get good edited yet natural feel photos, its best you reduce the contrast of the photo to give a more natural and soft look. Reducing the contrast would help reduce dark spots on the baby’s body and also help reduce shadows. Do not also forget that reducing the clarity to a range between -10 to -20 would help creating that soft creamy look on a baby photo.

With the recommendations about editing baby photos, the aim is to produce a perfect photo. Most parents would want to think their babies are perfect in every way so one or two touches on these photos wouldn’t be bad at all.

However, as a baby photographer, you may find something difficult and may need some tips on the right techniques on editing baby photos, check out Kingshill Studios for more tips and guides.

What to Look for in the Portfolio of a Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer HampshireThe wedding day is fast approaching and there are still a lot of decisions that need to be taken. One of these decisions happens to be contracting the services of a wedding photographer Hampshire. But it just happens that there are a lot of wedding photographers so the task of finding the best one becomes difficult.

To avoid making a hasty decision that you rue in future, you need to take certain steps.

Out of the possible steps that will be taken, one of the most important once is the act of examining the portfolio of the photographer you are likely to hire. This is an essential step that should not be overlooked.

Like the saying goes, one picture can speak different things to different people. It is all dependent on how the photographer goes about capturing the essence of the image. Even if you are not an expert on photography, simply looking at the portfolio of the wedding photographer can tell you a lot of things. But we will try to give you an idea of what the photographer is likely to do:

  • The wedding photographer Hampshire might decide to shoot his images utilizing wide-open apertures so as to increase the field of depth.
  • Also, the photographer will prefer the use of natural light for their shots.
  • Another thing a photographer tries to do when capturing images, is abiding by the rule of thirds. In this instance, the photographer divides the whole image into three discerning parts. The subject of the shoot is the second part that is, in the middle. This trick allows the viewer of the image to see both the background and subject of the shoot in one look.
  • Next, watch out for the focal point of an image. This is really a strong point as this is what beautifies the picture. This is the eye capturing aspect of the image. The rule of thirds and focal point are two things you are likely to see in magazines, so it is no surprise that photographers also employ it in wedding albums.
  • When appraising the portfolio, another thing you should pay close attention to is the edge and background of the pictures. It is a unique skill to balance the subject, background and edges of the picture so that the later two do not detract from the most important feature that is the subject. The edges and background ought to blend in to highlight the main subject.
  • Finally, pay close attention to the use of natural light. In wedding albums, the wedding photographer Hampshire Martin Bell should place more emphasis on the use of natural light as it gives better results than artificial ones. However, the time of day when the pictures are shot also affects the outcome of the pictures but you need to watch out for these things to ensure the photographer is highly capable of being flexible.

When the above hints are put into play shooting images, you get a stunning picture that captures the attention of the appraiser. The emotion, expression and essence of the subject of the image is also well highlighted. The details cannot be ignored and pop out in the background.

Choosing Wedding Photographers Surrey – Wedding Styles Explained

The wedding photographers Surrey is proud of can cater to any type of wedding. You just your wedding theme, and they can create the perfect wedding photography for you.

How to choose your wedding photographer

wedding photographers SurreyBecause there are many options for a wedding photographer, you need to choose wisely. It will help to get to know the wedding photographers first before you make your decision.

Most popular wedding styles

There are many wedding styles that wedding photographers Surrey can handle, but there are ten that always made it to the top.


Rustic weddings are the top most preferred wedding style for many couples. The sense of being surrounded by hard wood chairs, tables, especially in a barn wedding is a refreshing feeling.


Beach weddings are great for extreme relaxation while the wedding vows are exchanged with the soft sound of the sea and the splashing of the waves.


Vintage weddings have a touch of the time past. Usually the decorations for this type of wedding are antique items, and heirlooms are taken out of the treasure chests to become part of the solemn ceremony.


Travel weddings are exciting and the sense of adventure comes alive in this type of weddings. The ceremony and the reception can be help in various places, and couples and guests would need to travel to get to the locations.


Bohemian weddings are romantic, typically the venue is filled with flower decorations, greenery, and nature is such an integral part of the ceremony.


Country weddings are literally done in a country. Couples and guests can actually wear boots in a rustic setting.


Fantasy weddings involve creative ideas which can include sci-fi, Disney, horror and others, and typically comes with costume and unusual decorations.


Garden weddings can be casual to formal, and is done in the outdoors. This type of wedding usually comes with many flowers and a relaxed setting.


Luxurious weddings are in traditional setting but are extravagantly adorned, and everything is expensive in the wedding.


Fall is the latest trend for a season wedding. It is actually a great excuse to don on beautiful furs while the ceremony goes. The chilly autumn air provides an unusual romantic setting,

Most popular wedding photography styles

The best from the wedding photographers Surrey can offer you can be found in http://www.captivephoto.co.uk/. There are different wedding photography styles that you can choose from, but the two most popular are:


Traditional wedding photography is all about posing for the cameras, all photos are orchestrated and controlled by your wedding photographer. You can expect to have hours in your wedding day set aside for pictorials with the love of your life and with your family and friends.


Reportage wedding photography is the most favored style of wedding photography because this style documents your whole wedding day as it happens. Your wedding photographer will be unobtrusive in capturing special moments, and you will end up with photographs that clearly convey a story from start to finish. You will look at your photos someday and remember the happiness you felt, and not how you were asked to pose.

How to Find the Most Suitable Documentary Wedding Photographer London

documentary wedding photographer LondonThere is the best photographer, the most expensive photographer, the most unique photographer, etc. around. But just because that photographer has the prefix ‘the-‘ does not make him absolutely suitable for every couple there is. You want a documentary wedding photographer London, but you want one that will really be able to give wedding pictures result that you want.

How do you find a wedding photographer that is suitable to your need as well as a budget?

Plan in advance

Never postpone your plan and think that everything is going to be fine. It’s not. Sit in front of your computer and start looking for available photographers around you. Find for documentary wedding photographers early on and you won’t regret your decision. Because these photographers won’t be available if you ask them a year or half of that time later on.

If you secure your photographer early on, you don’t have to worry about looking for one later. Not to mention that you won’t have many options to choose from because everyone is booked.

Review their album, too

These photographers showed you their best works from their portfolios. You probably fell for the photographer because you liked that one picture you saw. But you have to realize that not all 600 pictures you will get later look like that. There will be different pictures of you, your family, friends, the ceremony, reception, etc. The photographer might not be able to maintain that look all the time.

But if you look at the results of a documentary wedding photographer London from Owen Billcliffe, you’ll think otherwise. His finished work looks almost equally as imaginative as what he shows off in his portfolios. This is the kind of photographer that you will want to see.

Ask the right questions

When you meet these photographers, remember to ask the right questions that will let you know more about the photographer. This is also your chance to know the price as well as what is included in the packages that you want. Be sure to ask in a way that will also let you know what the photographer is best known for.

Start with the photographer’s experience. It’s important to know how long the photographer has worked as a wedding photographer. The job isn’t something that any beginner with one or two experiences can do. You need someone professional, someone, you can really rely on for the job.

Be careful that you don’t only rely on the portfolios as explained before. Get to know everything else about the photographer as well.

Ask other things like how many pictures you can get, how many of them are edited and how many are included into the album. You also want to know how the album is arranged for you and if you will get to choose more (and how it will be added into the bill if there is). Know these things before signing the contract. If you are sure of these things, crosscheck the fact when you get the contract.

Don’t sign first before you are sure of what you are getting. Until you are completely sure, do not sign the contract with your documentary wedding photographer London, yet.

5 Reasons to Get Professional Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersWe know that many people are still unsure of whether they should hire Adelaide wedding photographers or not, mainly because of the budget. The cost of hiring a professional is not small and we know that. However, we also don’t want you to regret your choice of not hiring one because regrets come much later.

1. Once in a lifetime

This is something that will not happen again. Even if you were to regret it later, you won’t be able to rewind time, you won’t be renting a whole venue, invite everyone and hire a wedding photographer for that. The only you can do is to hire them for some formal pictures. But it won’t be possible to take the pictures during a reception again.

And it’s not like we haven’t seen brides crying about the fact!

2. Professionals

The reason to get a professional is that that photographer is! Will you let this important job be handed over to someone who doesn’t really have the expertise in it? We doubt so. It’s not something that you can do again and, as we mention before, regrets come only later. In this case, when you see the results of the pictures done.

We know that some of you had offers from a friend or family member to take pictures for you. It’s commendable of them to do so and we won’t stop them! But at the same time, the pictures that you will keep for the rest of your life, would you rather those pictures be a real picture taken by a pro?

Professional Adelaide wedding photographers like panacheweddings.com.au make it important to be serious about the job. They will do their best to deliver the best wedding pictures for you and won’t be distracted by anything.

3. They know the way

These photographers know what they need to do and may even help you with your preparation. It’s not like couples, in general, know what to do to prepare a wedding because it’s a once in a lifetime thing. But your photographer has been in many and knows how great ones and bad ones look like. They will want to help you to go through a good one.

4. They take lots of pictures

These people take a lot of pictures for you because it’s their job. The more photographers you hire, the more pictures you will get. The pictures are also edited professionally by the photographers. One reason this is possible is that the photographer is very focused on his job, taking pictures of the wedding at all time. They also ensure that none of the moments are missed.

Imagine, it’s such a beautiful day, but the only memories you have are occasional pictures on the Instagram and no properly taken pictures!

5. You will get an album

You can get a wedding album from your Adelaide wedding photographers who took your pictures. If you had made the deal with that photographer before, your wedding album will be designed in a way that will be approved by you. You will never be disappointed with the wedding album that you get from a professional photographer.

Professional Event Photographer: Here’s How to find One

event photographyUndoubtedly, having the right event photographer is crucial if you want to hold the event for consecutive years. If there are effective ways to attract people, that would be through showing media to them. Why is it fun? How is the event going to be? Things like these are best shown, not through words, but through actual pictures and videos.

Hiring a professional event photography service is then important. But how do you know if that photographer is professional and up to the task? How do you make sure of that?


An event photographer has to be experienced to be called a professional. We are not just talking about photography experience. He has to have worked on an event as a photographer before to understand the job and knows what he’s doing. You don’t want to hire someone who has just started on his career as an event photographer.

Be sure to know what he is most experienced in. For example, he might be best at working on a charity-related event or high-class, elite event. Depending on your needs, finding the right photographer is crucial.

It would be a good choice to hire the same photographer who has worked on your event before. If you feel satisfied with his work, maintaining the same person can help maintain the image of your event or company. But don’t feel like you and that photographer are bound forever. Whenever you feel the need to change, consider it as more important than the long-time relationship.

Let us help!

We also know that you might encounter problems while looking for an event photographer. That is why we want to recommend you to visit www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com. This is an event photography service site and you will find a team of photographers who are dedicated to capturing the moments of an event like how you want people to see.

Getting a recommendation is important while searching. The best photographers will always have people recommending and complementing them. If you have some, do check them out first, like the ones we’ve just mentioned. You have a higher chance to find someone you will like.

Check their portfolios

You want to know the style and skill of the photographer? Portfolios are the obvious thing to check. Have the photographer bring you their best works, but also an overall work. Most of the time, you will only use the best pictures for your slideshow and marketing as well. However, you also want to see that the best pictures aren’t based on luck and are consistent throughout different projects.

This concludes our quick tips for those searching for a professional event photographer. It’s important that you find the right person to do event photography because whether people will like the show may depend on the pictures that you show.

It’s important to also set enough time to look for one. You need time to interview and also look through their portfolios to consider their skills and professionalism. You also need to let them prepare and provide information on the event.

How to Rock Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

gay wedding photographerMany years ago, couples didn’t really care about pre-wedding photo shoots. The focus was always on the wedding day itself.

But we have come a long way since then. And having a pre-wedding photoshoot is a good way to include pictures of both of you on your invitation letters, souvenirs, gifts and albums.

If you have not considered having a pre-wedding photoshoot, then I will advise that you do. For one, it helps boost your confidence in front of the camera. It is rather surprising how people can be comfortable in front of a phone camera but shiver when they see a DSLR.

Being a gay wedding photographer, I have observed that having pre-wedding photo shoots helps to boost confidence before the wedding day. You get to have some “couple-time” in front of the camera in the absence of so many “eyes”.

You also get to know your wedding photographer and the manner in which he or she works. And if you don’t feel alright with the way they work, you can do something about it before the wedding day.

But on your shoulders, as the couple, lie a lot of responsibilities. And you make your pre-wedding shoot memorable and worthwhile, focus on these things:

  • Concept
  • Location
  • Clothes


This is the exact moment to bring that idea you have to life. Ever thought of a goofy concept? or a super-hero/comic character theme where he is the Joker and you play Harley Quinn?

Having a concept is a good way to make your pre-wedding photo shoot rock and not bland or dry. You should know that your theme is what will convey the essence of your relationship.

Using themes, you can showcase what brings both of you together, and a few of the things you both like and are highly interested in. It could be cars: with a 1949 Cadillac series 62 as your central theme for instance. Or dogs. I love dogs.

Concepts are ever-evolving and you should not be hesitant to explore your creative side. Listen to inputs from your photographer too. It is a good way to assess his or her creativity.

Being a modern creative wedding photographer and a gay wedding photographer, at http://www.pgrace.co.uk, concepts and creativity are tools I always utilize.


There are tons of places you can go to for your pre-wedding photo shoot. But honestly, why travel out of the country to a new destination entirely for a pre-wedding shoot? Location matters, but don’t look so far outside. Look around you.

Point is, your location does not have to be in front of the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower. It could be. But other places can hold much more powerful memories for both of you.

Look for places that hold the greatest memories for you. Did you first meet at the beach? Places like the diner where you first laid eyes on her, or that mechanic workshop where you first met him to fix your car.


You don’t need to get new clothes from the store for this. You can put on your favourite clothes and pack a few in the bag. If you still have the clothes you wore on your first casual date with her, or on the day you both fell in love, now is the time to utilize them fully.

There are really no rules for what to wear. You can even customize shirts specifically for the pre-wedding shoot and add romantic, witty sayings you once though of. The most important thing is to be comfortable for the next, important point.

Conclusion: Be Yourself

As a gay wedding photographer who understands that the best moments are captured when you are free and less aware, I advise my clients to “be yourselves”. Remember that no one is looking and you don’t need anybody’s approval. The best way to rock your pre-wedding shoot is to be as free as possible.

Jump, laugh, smile, joke and play. Become the teenagers you once were. You begin to document memories from that day, so make the most of it.

Have a wonderful pre-wedding photoshoot.

Interview Questions for Wedding Photographers

luxury wedding photographyWe know there are a lot of questions better listed by others, but we’ll show you how to not look you’re setting up an exam for your photographer.

You want to get the best luxury wedding photography service; an interview is the best way to see if the photographer is someone you can work with. You may have liked his style but can you settle with his working methods?


Regarding his expertise inquire his experience in photography. You want to hear answers like how long his did this job and possibly how long his overall experience in photography is. His past experience before becoming a wedding photographer is also important as it may shine a light on what kind of subject he’s most used to.

After his experience, you can talk about your own wedding and ask if he can show some portfolios on a similar type of wedding. Perhaps, it can be past works done in the same venue or with the same theme (color theme, movie theme, etc.). You will get a better look at his style in regards to your wedding.

Last but not least in terms of expertise is how many jobs he takes on every year in general and around your wedding specifically. This might seem like probing into someone’s job too much, but trust us, it’s not. The more job he takes, the more popular he is but also the less time he has to concentrate on yours. It has to be on just the right amount; typically, no more than one in a week in average.


Different photographers propose a different kind of photography packages. Some like www.juliaandyou.com provide luxury wedding photography package with details on hours and prints stated. Others like to be really flexible and prefer to set a base price and adjust it as how you need it.

If you already have a budget set, look through the packages that are around your budget. If the content of them don’t seem good, email or call the photographer to ask if customization is possible. Customization is a great way to show that the photographer is willing to adjust himself for you when needed.

Inquire about the print as well. Most photographers provide wedding album print for bigger packages. If you are not hiring him for long hours, but want to get the print, ask for the possibility of doing that. Or, if you don’t want one, ask if getting rid of it for now and printing later is possible.

Contract and logistics

This is the last part that still matters. The extra cost here could differ a lot depending on your photographer. If you are looking to get married far away (like 6-hour flight far), ask about the accommodation fee and how to best handle it. Some photographers prefer to be provided everything from hotel to plane tickets. Others may prefer to be paid in cash and they will find their own accommodation.

About the print, find if it is stated clearly in the contract. If it’s not, you need to know when exactly you will get the print, or at least, the maximum waiting time. Finally, check the luxury wedding photography once again without missing any fine print and ask about anything you are not clear about.

Wedding Photography: Tips and Available Choices

Cardiff wedding photographerThere is a lot of things couples need to learn about before delving into and booking for a photography session. You, of course, don’t want to regret that decision and eventually, being stuck with wedding pictures that you knew could’ve been better.

You’ve got to find a Cardiff wedding photographer who is not only professional but also shoots in a style you like.

It’s really important

We want you to realize that this is a really important topic. The pictures your photographer takes are going to be what you keep for the rest of your life. You need to realize that, hey, you have no other chances to take your wedding pictures again. Unless you bought that wedding dress and plan to hold another wedding party in the near future, which is highly unlikely.

Get prepared soon

As soon as possible, bring up the conversation about hiring a photographer to your partner. Procrastination is for everyone and there’s a lot of reasons to postpone that meeting with a potential photographer. You will surely feel pressured when you begin realizing that every photographer you liked is booked.

A professional is loved by not just you, but also a bunch of other couples. They also want to have that photographer for their day and there’s no telling that no one else is getting married on the same date or a couple of days around it. The best shot to take is a book that one person once you’re sure about it.

Pick out the professionals

There are various photographers out there, providing their service in various cost. However, it’s best that you keep reminding yourself to find a professional Cardiff wedding photographer, like www.guymilnes.com.

The first thing you need to look at is the portfolio section. Check it out and see if you enjoy the way he captures wedding moments. Next is his experience. Cross check this with the person when you actually meet him. Finally, discuss and see if you can enjoy his company as your photographer for the day. Your expressions on that day will be captured in the pictures and you’ll look best if you can smile genuinely.

Styles to choose from

There are basically 3 types of photography style from reportage, natural to a fine art. You don’t have decided that you like one and shun out others. But knowing what these styles are will help you further understand the type of pictures your photographer takes. You can also better imagine what kind of pictures you’ll get for yourself.

Reportage is a documentary style that focuses on capturing things like a journalist. The photographer has to remain strictly behind the scene, taking shots as things happen before him.

The fine art style is a more beautiful way of capturing moments. Photographers will want to pose the subjects. However, most photographers nowadays incorporate reportage because interrupting the flow seems to go against the result of fine art photography.

A natural Cardiff wedding photographer takes pictures like a reportage does. However, at times they may mingle and chat with guests or the couples. Their purpose into takes pictures of people in a very relaxing mode, something that can be easier done when the subjects aren’t tense in front of the camera. Being familiar with the person behind it does helps them to relax.

How a Professional Is Going to Do Better

wedding photographer Northern IrelandThere a continuance to the title. A professional is going to do better than your uncle, cousin, or not hiring at all. There are a lot of choices couples are faced with when they want to decide how their wedding pictures should end up. One of that is between having their beloved uncle, a professional wedding photographer Northern Ireland, or none at all.

We’ll explain why the second choice is the best for everyone.

How good is your uncle?

If your uncle is a wedding photographer, then we won’t complain about it at all. But in the case he isn’t, here’s why you should politely reject his offers.

The first thing that you need to be reminded of is the fact that photography skills require time to develop. With your wedding pictures, it will take more than just some lucky shots and great eyes. Editing will be necessary, too and not all photographers are good editors on the other part.

A professional photographer can handle it well, no doubt. It’s his job to do it and you can even demand them to do so. Unlike when you have to deal with a volunteer, over whom you don’t have the power to exert. You’ll just have to settle for anything you’re given.

Have proofs to show

Professional photographers usually have their own site or social media account where they actively share their work. You can check out and see if you’ll like their style. For example, www.cathmackenzie.com is the site of a professional wedding photographer Northern Ireland based. We’d recommend you look through her work because she’s just so darned talented.

Those that are geared with a camera and a hobby won’t be able to cut it. They might not even have portfolios to show that they’re up to the task. Taking pictures in a wedding isn’t the same with taking landscape pictures or just any portrait. They have to be able to understand that these pictures are going to make it to the end of the time and it has to be really worth it.

Trusting such responsibility to someone who was never trained or experienced in doing one would prove to be a huge mistake. You don’t want to end up crying over wedding pictures that you can be angry about.

You won’t cry

We can guarantee that if you look carefully for a professional, you will never have the chance to cry out of disappointment over your wedding pictures. A pro who is passionate about his job determined to do the best and can prove how he’s fared throughout his career by showing as many portfolios as you need.

Your wedding isn’t something that you can test a photographer on. It has to be one right guy for the job, no less. Making the wrong choice here is going to be bad, and that’s why we remind you earnestly do not.

You won’t be able to go back and try to make amend if you don’t like your wedding pictures. The chances of getting disappointed by a professional wedding photographer Northern Ireland is so much less. It’s a simple choice, so don’t let fear of spending too much overcome you.

Wedding Photography: How Ugly Wedding Pictures Happen

wedding photography LeicesterWe’re saddened to see that many couples are utterly disappointed with their wedding pictures. The photographer wasn’t skilled enough, or maybe the studio sent you not the guy they promised you. However, it’s important that we can learn from such experience and make sure ours won’t turn out like that.

The reasons that bad wedding pictures happen in a wedding photography Leicester can be avoided, but first, we gotta know what those are.

You are sent a different photographer

This is quite often the case. You signed a contract with a photography business and have been led to think that the lead photographer is the person you’re talking to. Most probably, you’re talking to the owner of the photography business. The next thing you know you are already waiting for the photographer to arrive at your engagement session site.

Well, what a surprise to see that someone else you’ve never seen your entire life comes, greets you and tells you that he’s going to be in charge of the session today. You’re probably a little bit confused as to why he comes and keep in mind that this is important: ask your photographer why he didn’t show up himself.

Depending on the contract, if it doesn’t state clearly that the lead photographer has to come himself, it’ll be hard trying to get your right back. But if it does, you can demand what is rightly yours.

Your wedding photographer isn’t professional

Professional wedding photography Leicester provider like www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk will absolutely make it count to see that all the process will go smoothly. They won’t hesitate to really be dedicated to doing the best for you and even help you with other parts of your wedding. It goes without saying, they do more than what is promised to be not just satisfaction, but delight.

The definition of not being professional can mean a lot. The first point of sending a different photographer is also part of it. Others would be coming unprepared for the session or not having the necessary insurance. Things can happen to your photographer and lose their camera to some thieves isn’t something you want to give up your wedding pictures to.

Preparation to bring the necessary gears, such as an extra camera, battery or memory card. In the case of rain, they should have umbrellas and lens hood ready in their car or equipment bag. A wedding occasion is something that happens only once, so they shouldn’t risk it by thinking it might not happen.

Post-production was handled unprofessionally

There are also couples who received their wedding pictures poorly edited. It could’ve ended up better if the person in charge actually makes an effort to not just randomly put colors or black and white in the picture. This happens a lot to studios that promise all the pictures will be edited.

On the other hand, those that promise fully enhanced selected pictures that will be included in the wedding album almost always end up better. They invest hours and even days on one picture for their client to be satisfied with it. For a professional wedding photography Leicester service, no stone must leave unturned in editing those selected pictures.